Best Diets 2017 – New Clinical Research Published On Effectiveness Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Svetol_Green_Coffee_Bean_Extract_ImageResearch conducted on the impact of green Green Coffee Bean Extract on weight loss has proven that the unroasted coffee beans really do help people to lose weight when they are taken in high doses daily.

The natural substance Chlorogenic Acid present in green coffee bean extract has powerful effects on blood sugar levels. Glucose levels often lead to the onset of diabetes, as well as weight retention and gain, and regulating the levels can positively influence weight loss results.

The (ACS) American Chemical Society featured the findings of the study performed on green coffee bean extract by Ph.D. Professor Joe Vinson of the University of Scranton and his research team at their 245th National Meeting & Exposition recently.

Vinson  emphasized his concerns about type 2 diabetes becoming an epidemic, as cases of the disease continue to increase steadily to more than 27 million in the United States alone. Type 2 diabetes develops when the performance of the pancreas and insulin production declines, as a direct result blood sugar increases. Radical blood sugar levels can contribute to many health problems including stroke and heart attacks.

He also comments that:

“A simple natural pill or capsule that would both help control blood sugar and foster weight loss at the same time would be a major advance in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Our own research and studies published by other scientists suggest that  green coffee bean extract may very well be the ideal solution. There is significant epidemiological and other evidence that green coffee bean consumption reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.”

Chlorogenic acids are a family of substances that occur naturally in apples, cherries, plums, dried plums and other fruits and vegetables. Large amounts of chlorogenic acids exist in green, or unroasted, coffee beans. However, the high temperatures used to roast coffee beans to make them suitable for use in coffee breaks down much of the Chlorogenic acids. Thus, the focus has been on using concentrated extracts of green coffee beans, which contain higher amounts of Chlorogenic acids.

In a previous study, Vinson found that overweight or obese people who took such an extract lost about 10 percent of their body weight in 22 weeks. The new study sought to document the effects of various doses of a commercial green coffee extract on the blood sugar levels of 56 men and women with normal blood sugar levels. They got a glucose tolerance test to see how their bodies responded to the sugar. Then over a period of time, they took 100, 200, 300 or 400 milligrams (mg) of the extract in a capsule with water. Follow-up glucose tolerance tests showed how the green coffee extract affected their responses.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Does Work!

As per the Web MD article:

“There was a significant dose-response effect of the green coffee extract and no apparent gastrointestinal side effects. All doses of green coffee extract produced a significant reduction in blood sugar relative to the original blank glucose challenge. The maximum blood glucose occurred at 30 minutes and was 24 percent lower than the original with the 400 mg of green coffee extract and the blood glucose at 120 minutes

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